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Cairo House for supplies and international trade.

Cairo House for Supplies and International Trade offers you many beautiful and beloved products and great services all the time and everywhere, which makes you love the company and its crew and its products, the products such as: solid surfaces (Corian) and raised floors and HPL Compact. Cairo House offers a strong and beautiful American product and a great competitor to all companies, which is Avonite Company for Solid Surface (Corian). It is a wonderful product that has unique colors and is not found in any other company permanently and the various colors attract you strongly and make you love them so much. The product is the only one in Egypt that has a 15-year warranty and we are Cairo House company the exclusive distributor and the only one in Egypt and we use for making counters, backsplash, kitchens, basins, bathrooms, operating room packaging, tables, furniture and many other things, so one of its advantages It is anti-bacteria and acids resistance and has many advantages. Cairo House also offers the Spanish producer of raised floors Dinor Company, which offers the best raised floors and structures (pedestals and stringers) and all the coverings and finishing that you desire and want, which makes you love them so much. Dinor has wonderful, strong, beautiful and very durable products and we are Cairo House company the agent and authorized exclusive distributor in Egypt. Cairo House also offers the Indian and the Chinese products for HPL compact for bathroom partitions. Greenlam company and Sunfull company, which have many beautiful attractive colors used for bathrooms, tables, chairs and many other beautiful things, They are the best products for HPL compact. We are honored to work with all these companies and all customers. Those who deal with us and offer you a real wonderful service.

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