About Raised Floor


CBI is one of the most famous companies for raised access floors products.
CBI was established in 1971.
CBI is a renowned Italian company for all types of raised access floors.
CBI has a lot of projects all over the country and all these projects are very big, making it a strong company required in many international projects.
CBI is one of the best companies for raised access floors products.
CBI has very strong and impressive raised access floors and its components make it strong and one of the best companies in the world.
CBI offers slabs of 60 x 60 cm and different thicknesses.
CBI offers a slab consisting of inside calcium sulphate or wood.
CBI has raised access floors with strong underlay such as aluminum foil and very strong galvanized steel.
CBI has a panel called encapsulated which is all layers of galvanized steel or aluminum foil and inside calcium sulphate or wood.
CBI has raised access floors with many different layers and have very nice shapes which make you love it very much.
CBI has raised access floors with top layers such as HPL layer, PVC layer, parquet layer, granite layer, marble layer, linoleum layer, bamboo layer and ceramic tile layer.
CBI has its own sturdy pededtals and stringers.
CBI has pedestals of all sizes and needs.
CBI has a Stringers and is one fixed size, but there are second forms of durability.
CBI has different components for panel loading.
CBI is a company that people love because of its diversity.

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calcium sulphate panel_alufoil backing_SC27C - SC30C
calcium sulphate panel_alufoil backing_SC30-SC34-SC36
woodcore panel_alufoil backing_PT38
woodcore panel_galvanized_steel backing_PT38V
calcium sulphate panel_galvanized_steel backing_SC30VHD
woodcore panel_alufoil backing_PT30C PT38C
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calcium sulphate panel_semi-encapsulated steel
fully steel encapsulated panel_calcium sulphate
fully steel encapsulated panel_woodcore
fully steel encapsulated panel-corner lock_calcium sulphate
fully steel encapsulated panel-corner lock_woodcore
tongue&groove panel_calcium sulphate
tongue&groove panel_calcium sulphate_galvanized steel dish
woodcore panel_semi-encapsulated steel
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floor system CBI
floor system CBI-ST
floor system CR
floor system IF PLUS EXTRA
floor system IF PLUS
floor system IF
floor system STADIO
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antistatic hpl standard_ANTISTATIC HPL
antistatic pvc_ANTISTATIC PVC
ceramic tiles_ARCHITECTURE
ceramic tiles_HABITAT
ceramic tiles_MARTE
ceramic tiles_METEOR
conductive pvc_MIPOLAM TECHNIC EL5
Raised Access Floors_scheda bordatura pannello
Raised Access Floors_scheda modularità
solid wood bamboo_BAMBOO
solid wood parquet_ESSENCES
static-dissipative flooring_MIPOLAM ROBUST EL7
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