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Famous Avonite Solid Surfaces have been at the forefront of the market for hard surfaces since 1983.
Avonite is one of the most famous brands in America and all continents.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are an unrivaled American product.
Avonite Solid Surfaces feature a 15 year warranty.
Avonite is a competitor to all the products of companies for hard surfaces.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are characterized by many different colors and are not found in the competitors making it unique and only found in Avonite.
Avonite Solid Surfaces have a strong durability that makes them a very strong competitor.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are characterized by increased flexibility that helps shape them into a variety of beautiful shapes.
Avonite Solid Surfaces feature 100% acrylic without any polyester, which makes the surfaces soft and shiny very intense and take care of them all and love them.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are the best products for making sinks, kitchens, tables, benches and so many more.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are the best products for making floors such as elevator floors and others.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are one of the best products for making counter, countertop, backsplash, office and many more.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are the best products for packaging rooms such as operating rooms and others.
Avonite Solid Surfaces sheets do not absorb bacteria, can be easily cleaned, are seamlessly assembled and the material malleability makes it possible to design curved, rather than angular, corners, for more efficient cleaning.
Avonite Solid Surfaces is ideal for everything from ultra-clean surgical suites to sanitary food preparation station.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are characterized by the lack of growth of bacteria on them.
Avonite Solid Surfaces sheets have been formulated to naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and dangerous pathogens. This 6mm 100% acrylic wall cladding line resists a long list of chemical and cleaning products, including perchloric acid. Exceptionally strong, weatherable, nonporous and stain resistant our material performs exceptionally, in the most critical of environments.
Avonite Solid Surfaces are not affected by hot water, steam, acids and fungi.
Avonite Solid Surfaces feature that you can eat without any problems.
Avonite has a lot of projects and a variety of shapes that makes you love it a lot.

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